Courage is a Calling Book is on Sale Now

Where do I even begin?

In hindsight, our invitation should have read-‘come and celebrate with us,  because that’s what it was.

A celebration of the successful people the Wema alumnus are today and their courage in using their stories to encourage not only present Wema children but other children who are living a life similar to the one they gloriously overcame.

A celebration of the talents of the present Wema children; the choir and drama team performed songs that had the audience swaying and singing along in their seats and a play titled ‘Chokora’ that left most of the audience in tears.  

A celebration of our individual and corporate donors who breathe life into our lifesaving programs.

And most importantly, a celebration of our founder Madam Lucy Yinda whose kindness, selflessness, and tenacity has and will continue to transform generations.

We also celebrate our MC Sharon Momanyi, our Guest of Honour Madam Lydia Munene, our Board of Directors Chairman Mr. Ben King’ori, the publishers Crimson Communications Limited, and all those who attended the event on Saturday, 16th July 2022.


Get your copy of ‘Courage is a Calling: Saving Mombasa’s Street Children Today. Contact me at 0722773363. All proceeds from the sale of the book go towards Wema Centre Trust. God Bless you!

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