Wema Girls Team wins at Mseto

The Wema Centre concluded the month of love in an extraordinary fashion, with our girls Under 16 team winning overall best team at the Mseto February Festivals held on 24th February 2024 at the Shanzu Teachers Training College grounds. No small feat.

Wema Under 16 girls team

Wema kicked off the under 16 matches, playing seven aside against Aga khan Academy who they beat 1-0 followed by a match against Step link who they beat 4-0. Pushing on, mounting tension aside, they played against Sheikh Khalifa next and beat them 2-0 propelling them to the finals. The final match was against Memon Academy. It was a tough one, with both team’s eager to be crowned overall champion. In the end both teams proved perseverant leading to a 0-0 draw nevertheless the Wema girls team had accumulated the most points against other teams, making them the winners.   

Wema under 16 boys team

The Wema boys team also participated in the Mseto tournament, finishing in third place after playing and winning five matches.  Our boys team beat Nyali school 1-0, Memon 2-0 and drew with the other teams. We reached the semi-finals but lost in the penalty shoot-out.

We celebrate both the boys and girls football team for playing hard and their unassailable sportsmanship.

Last but foremost we would like to thank the two anonymous sponsors who made our participation in the Tournament possible. Thank you!

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