Street Outreach Programs

Wema’s street outreach activities provide a safe space for Wema social workers to engage with street-connected children, youth, and families through:

  • Sports and Recreation
  • Food Distribution
  • Counseling
  • Provision of First Aid
  • Informal Education

Children Identified as Needing Emergency Rescue:

  • Rescued Through a Court Committal Order
  • Placed at our Centre with the use of a Rehabilitation Model
  • Support of Counseling, Health Care, Nutrition, and Remedial and Formal Education at the Wema Centre
  • Reunified with their Family

Efforts in Street Outreach Programs:

  • Visits to Mwakirunge Dumpsite and Street Locations Where Attention is Needed
  • DREAM CATCHER Mobile School: a Mobile, E-Learning Project That Offers Informal Computer-Based Education to Street Connected Children (Currently: Not Operating)
  • Unfortunately, the infamous DREAM CATCHER Mobile School is off the road awaiting financing for some major mechanical maintenance. We are appealing to donors and working towards putting it back on the road so that it can continue performing its magic at the dump site.



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