Wema Centre turns 22!

It is a known fact that children are born on different dates/months all throughout the year. It is also a known practice that most parents would always strive to ensure that their children’s birthdays are well appreciated normally by hosting birthday parties & buying gifts for their children. Unfortunately, there are also so many children mostly from disadvantaged/low income earning families who never get to enjoy or experience such memorable dates as commonly practiced by able families.

At Wema Centre, most of the children cannot tell when they were born or even more saddening, where they were born due to the circumstances in which they normally find themselves at the time of rescue to Wema i.e. has no idea who the parents are in cases of abandonment , has been living with illiterate caregivers who cannot figure out dates/months, some lack official documents such as birth clinic cards or birth certificates or some overstayed on the streets while they were young and barely remember their past.

With the help of friends of Wema, Wema Centre holds an annual birthday party for all resident and community children/youth being sponsored by Wema, as well as Wema Alumni and their families. The annual celebration is meant to inculcate a sense of belonging to all resident beneficiaries within the wider community, and also mark anniversaries since the establishment of Wema Centre. The initiative has continuously drawn tremendous show of generosity from the wider public & friends of Wema by always ensuring that the children are indeed happy on the material day courtesy of the wide range of gifts/donations and fun related activities they support.

It was no different this year as more than 200 children and youth flocked Wema Centre on Saturday September 5th to celebrate the big day. By 8.00am, all the invited children and youth had already arrived at Wema, excitedly waiting for the celebrations to begin.

The small children engaged in different mind blowing activities, including indulging in their favorite bouncing castle. There was also a set of electrifying games for everyone in attendance, including treasure hunt, dancing and eating competitions.

Mrs. Lucy Yinda, the founder and executive Director of Wema Centre, led the bubbly children in cutting the scrumptious birthday cake. With the help of Wema Alumni girls, She served everyone a piece of the mouth-watering cake as entertaining birthday songs played in the background.

At around 5.00pm, the celebrations came to an end, and once again Mama Lucy thanked the sponsors and everyone in attendance for making the day memorable.

The event was made possible by the generous support of The Heritage Hotels, The Brookside Milk Company, The Commercial Bank of Africa, and Miss Kenya UK.We Salute the sponsors for their continued show of love, commitment and generosity towards the Wema Centre beneficiaries


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