The Wema Centre Farm Improvement Initiative

Wema Centre’s Several attempts to do outdoor farming have constantly come under serious pests and diseases attack due to lack of appropriate skills and technology in modern farming. Completion of water well Project in 2014 eventually provided the best opportunity to go modern farming. We sourced for the supply and construction of a giant green house at the wema farm from Chandaria Foundation.

The main objective of the project is to feed over 200 children daily with fresh vegetables, and sell any excess to the near-by hotels for sustainability of the Centre’s projects. In addition, the project is now providing an ideal environment for the training of Wema children in crop husbandry which will be of great benefit in their future lives.

The green house has really turned around life and activities at the Wema Centre farm. There is now adequate and continuous supply of first grade tomatoes (called ever) to the Wema kitchen whose local market rate ranges between kshs 3000/- to 3500/- per crate. We have also we spread out additional drip lines that came with the green house on open fields close to the newly installed greenhouse and planted kales which are doing well. The above has since cut down our weekly market budget by almost Kshs 4000 i.e used to buy 1 crate of tomato for between kshs 2500 – 2900 and 1 sack/bag of kales for between kshs 1000 – kshs 1200. We also purchased and installed additional irrigation drip lines on other parts of the Wema farm to facilitate introduction of crops such as onions, carrots, watermelons and cabbages so as to further cut down our market budget.


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