The Wema Centre Children Choir Shine in the 2015 Kenya Music Festival Competitions

With an aim of promoting growth of a caring culture towards the disadvantaged children among the public, facilitating the realization of children’s self worth in the wider community regardless of their background and to identify and help develop for positive use of talents among the disadvantaged children, Wema has since the year 2008, allowed it’s beneficiaries the opportunity to participate in the Kenya National Music Festivals.

The Wema Kids Choir has had tremendous success over the years allowing them the opportunity to represent the Coast region at the National levels for which they have emerged unrivaled champions on several occasions not to mention having the opportunity to perform before the president of Kenya at the Presidential Gala and also before other dignitaries on other occasions. This has helped put the Wema Children on the map and also made it possible for the beneficiaries to realize their true potential consequently boosting their self esteem while instilling in them a sense of belonging and also fostering positive competition.

In the year 2013, the Wema Kids Choir went into the competition prepared enough with seven competing categories, the children are famed for the Small choir performance which is always a sail through for them in the competition. They also had two solo set pieces which unfortunately did not do so well but the mass choir entries under the ‘Zilizopendwa’ category and adaptation and arrangement all sailed through to the national levels and scooped position Three and Two respectively. They had one direct entry in the Negro-spiritual category which was also a great moral boost for the children after emerging fourth beating other sixteen schools participating in the same class.

Click here to view Wema Children Choir rehearse before performing Dancing Queen, Originally sang by Abba

Apart from bringing home the small choir trophy with their hit song ‘Dancing Queen’ which was originally sang by the famed pop group of the 80’s, Abba, they also had the opportunity of staying at one of the largest flower farms in the region where they received a five star treatment form the hosts who were ready to answer to their call at any given time. The children also got the opportunity of touring the Rift Valley by visiting Lake Nakuru National Park, one of Kenya’s largest National parks in the region which added more flavor to their already explorative escapade that began with their long journey from their home. Indeed the children brought home memories which they were going to treasure for long since it all showed in their faces as they narrated their experiences to the other children and members of staff who were left behind at the Centre.

After a few months of recess and intense practice under the watchful eye of their choir trainer, the Kids choir, in 2014, again proved to the Mombasa crowd their prowess in the field of Music by sailing through to the Regionals with four items. Performance at the regional level was not up to our usual expectation since we had all the entries denied the opportunity to proceed to the national level. The kids were beat down and felt very low but they were enthusiastic and ready for the next competition. They went back home feeling like winners still despite their poor performance since this also taught them that there are two sides of a coin. They vowed to work extra hard in the coming year to reclaim their lost glory.

Click here to view the Choir rehearsing to perform Rembego, a famous Luo Gospel song

Their unremitting efforts and dedication in 2015 were not in vain. Alongside the Wema Traditional Dance Troupe, the Wema Children Choir travelled to Kisumu on the 1st of August to compete in the national Level of the Kenya Music Festival Competitions with four entries. The two groups gave it their best, and the enthralled adjudicators gave them position three in the big choir competition while their duet managed to get the 4th position in their category. The small choir, which performed the famous ‘Dancing Queen’ Originally sung by Abba, managed to scoop position 5, while the traditional dancers got position 4 after performing the traditional Borana Dance. The groups were happy with the results considering that they didn’t make it to the Nationals in 2015. They left Kisumu for Mombasa on 7th August, but not before visiting the famous Dunga Beach in Kisumu.

We believe that in 2016 they will go a notch higher and top their entries in the National Competitions.

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