Street Outreach Program

Wema believes that providing disadvantaged young people with an education is a vital step in assisting them to access the skills, investment and inspiration they need to have a sustainable livelihood. To this end, Wema launched the “DreamCatcher”, a modified and refurbished Bus equipped with computers as a Mobile Computer School which street children and youth access regularly. The main objective of the project is to ensure a productive livelihood and improve the life chances of the young people.

As from February 2013, the DreamCatcher has been conducting frequent excursions to various areas where the children reside and/or frequent. Wema staff and volunteers mobilize and enrol street children and youth into the project and these beneficiaries have continuous access to computer based numeracy and literacy classes. The children who attend consistently will eventually be facilitated to enroll into public primary schools, or assisted to access vocational and Technical Training institutions. We envision that an upward of 2000 children and youth aged up to 25 years old shall access the benefits of information technology through this project by end of 2015.

The DreamCatcher Mobile Education Project is a relevant, meaningful and effective intervention for children living on the streets and for the Mombasa community. Firstly, because it uses computers as a mode of instruction, it is very attractive to street children and the general public. Because the school is located in the streets within the immediate environment of the child, the children also feel a sense of ownership of the project. Additionally, Wema signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Technical University of Mombasa in which students were embedded into the project as part of their academic internships, therefore offering the community an additional benefit.

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