The Wema Na Fadhili Camps


For a long time we have observed that some of our older children, even those who seemed most stable when they were younger,  have poor judgment and they often make shockingly bad decisions after leaving Wema. There are also some concerns on the impact of family reunification on the children. Some children withdraw to themselves and seldom communicate with the Wema family. This situation calls for better communication and clear feedback on the past/existing family reunification process in order to determine the success or otherwise of the process and how it can be improved. Clearly, the impact of long term institutionalization may be having a toll on some of the children and we need to address those special needs as a matter of urgency.


In August 2014, we commenced a more intense remedial/rehabilitation program through more intense psychosocial support and guidance at a personal level, for all residential children. We revived (re-booted) the Wema Na Fadhili counseling/ healing camps of the 90s, through which many street children and wounded orphans found healing and purpose. However, newer approaches and methods were introduced. The camps are usually held during April and December School Holidays.


To give every Wema child the opportunity to reflect on his/her life, deal with past experiences, recover from trauma, mend broken relationships, connect with The Lord Jesus, get sober, commit to working hard and enjoying life, develop positive values, virtues and good character.


Make Wema a true place of healing and rehabilitation for street children.