Psychosocial Support

At Wema Centre, we have identified sports & performing arts as strong rehabilitation tools and source of joy and happiness to many beneficiaries we work with. Through utilization of the same, we have been able to:

  • Promote growth of a caring culture towards the disadvantaged children & youth among the public through entertaining & educative public engagements/performances;
  • Facilitate realization of children/youth’s self worth in the wider community regardless of the their background through scouting, sports & music;
  • Identify & help develop for positive use, untapped/latent immense talents and skills among the disadvantaged children in our society who lack mainstream platforms/forum for the same.

We are currently using sports & performing arts in constructively engaging street children and providing them with the much needed opportunity to help identify & develop for positive use, the untapped immense talents amongst them.

Lessons learned from children scouts clubs that have been previously supported by Wema Centre proved that such clubs & its curriculum indeed are medium of constructive engagement with the children/youth. The clubs have been quite effective in promoting positive behavior & discipline among our target groups, sensitizing on anti-social behavior & topical issues concerning the youth such as drug abuse, crime, HIV and AIDS, sexuality, disaster preparedness, environment conservation, child development & participation. Wema Centre is currently working towards establishing an active scout club in the streets of Mombasa and use the members as peer educators and agents of good change within the street fraternity in Mombasa.

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