Health Care

Poor quality services to the urban and rural poor due to inadequate resources translates to under supply of water for irrigation, lack of credit, and inadequate extension services. Poor health and malnutrition then become the greates contributors to the cycle of poverty by causing low productivity.

The situation for street children is arguably the worst. These children live very low in the stratum of society, barely enjoying any, if any services. Their life is characterised by rummaging in unhealthy piles of garbage for food, as well as risky, reckless sexual activity which predisposes them to disease and vermin and puts them at a very high risk of contracting disease and eventual death.

However, the human is a resilient creation, and our children are often as tough as nails. To ensure that any child who eventually is admitted into any of our programs is receiving appropriate care, we perform thorough medical assessments of each child. These assessments are vital to monitoring the progress of the child and in ensuring quality care.

We also have a dispensary on location at the Bamburi-Utange home for cases of medical emergency and host a weekly community outreach clinic in partnership with Bomu Hospital. With the support of external partners, we also facilitate free annual medical clinics for the community.

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