Formal Education Support

Without a good, solid education, it is impossible to have any realistic chance of succeeding in life. Ignorance and Illiteracy are two of the most detrimental conditions that humankind can find itself in. The target for Millenium Development Goal 2 is to ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. Kenya has done well to meet the target of enrollment to of children to school, with the Gender Enrollment Ratio at primary level increasing from 93% in 2002 to 107.6% in 2007.

Additionally, access at primary school level has reached almost gender parity at the national level. In 2002, the proportion of girls was 49.3%, 48.9% in 2003, and 49% in 2006.

Despite the good report on education, levels of literacy continue to be a concern for policy makers and implementers. A 2011 report by Uwezo showed that Kenyan children continue to exhibit very low basic skills in literacy and numeracy. Only 28% (or three out of ten) children in Std. 3 can read a Std. 2 level story and Four out of 100 children in Std. 8 (4%) cannot read a class 2 level story. The problem is to the extent that the region with the highest difference in literacy rates between males and females is Coast with 14.7 percentage points.

We recognise the challenges faced by the children we target, and the government in providing the services needed. Therefore, we empower disadvantaged children by providing the tools they need to make informed choices. We provide and facilitate Early Childhood Development classes while additionally sponsoring and supporting primary, secondary and post-secondary school education. Furthermore, we facilitate vocational and skills training in cookery, computers and tailoring.

We cover the broad spectrum of Education, providing sponsorships for children in Nursery school, and supporting children all through to University.

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