Child Protection Centres

Although the organization has grown to include many other projects, Wema Centre is probably known more for its services as a children’s home. The original vision of its founder was as a home into which girls rescued from the streets of Mombasa would find solace, a place to grow and an opportunity to thrive. The original project was a small Children’s Home in Likoni, South Coast, Kenya that was catering for 6 girls, many of whom still retain very close relations with the organization to date.

Currently, Wema Centre has two established homes as part of the Child Protection Centre project. The larger home is based in the outskirts of Mombasa at a place called Bamburi, on the Old Malindi Highway connection to Utange. The second home, a smaller outfit, is located in Thika town, Kiganjo area- just a few meters from the infamous Kiandutu slums.

At our Homes, we provide shelter and protection to over 150 former street children, children from the informal settlements of Mombasa and Kiandutu in Thika, as well as children living with HIV and Aids. The matron, housemothers and social workers manage the daily functions of each centre while social workers monitor each child individually to ensure their total wellbeing.


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